Aşağıda okuyacağınız makale İngiltere’de yayınlanan bir sektörel yayından alıntıdır..bakınız Ülkemizdeki gayrimenkul sektörü nasıl övgüyle anlatılıyor ve bakınız EMLAKÇILAR nasıl ve niçin SAHTEKAR olarak niteleniyor..

“Turkey is becoming one of the most popular real estate markets in Europe. Economic growth and the rise in population are the main factors for increased consumption and the construction of new shopping malls. 107 shopping malls with more than 10,000 sqm of usage space were operating in 2006. 51 of them providing more than 1,000,000 sqm sales space are located in and around Istanbul. 42 shopping malls are either planned or under construction to date. However the average square metre area per head is still only 30 sqm (107 sqm for Istanbul) which is much lower than in other European countries with figures up to 500 sqm per head.
The economy has become one of the strongest in all of Europe and young well educated employees are readily available to meet the demand of national and international companies investing in Turkey.
The prime location being at the crossroads between East and West, and the proximity to the new emerging markets in the Middle East and Central Asia create unique business opportunities.
Private and business life is strongly affected by the booming real estate market. Real Estate Investments in business centres such as shopping malls, residential and office blocks offer a higher yield compared to other major cities in the Europe.

Institutional Investors
The city of Istanbul is becoming more and more attractive to institutional investors for example Dubai Holding. The largest investment development group of the Gulf region, with its subsidiary Sama Dubai plans to build a $ 500 million, multi-usage tower complex in the borough of Levent in Istanbul. The so called Dubai-Towers-Istanbul. It is the start of a $5 billion investment of Sama Dubai in Istanbul, making Istanbul the largest part of their international portfolio.
For Institutional Investors TGD-Europe offers special services to facilitate the marketing of their projects, e.g. on-spot appraisers with fully equipped offices.

Private Investors
For private investors other factors are important, e.g. price/quality correlation, the welcoming culture, the friendliness and last but not least the weather. A wide variety of holiday homes are available from flats to large scale luxurious villas to serve all needs of international customers.
Foreign nationals buying property in Turkey favour the areas of Alanya, Istanbul, Fethiye, Didim, Muğla (Bodrum), Kuşadası, İzmir and Bursa. These areas attribute to around 80% of foreign owned properties in Turkey. Germans and Scandinavians prefer the Alanya region whilst the British prefer in particular Fethiye and Didim. Bodrum is in general very popular and the Turkish Upper Class have made Bodrum the Saint Tropez of Turkey.

Many foreigners become victims of dishonest real estate sellers, due to the facts that general and normal security measures are ignored whilst abroad. Real Estate and properties are often purchased without contracts and cash payments and payments without obtainment of the Tapu (deed) entry are very popular mistakes.
The main problems foreign nationals face when purchasing real estate are to find reliable, trusted and registered real estate agents. As soon as you express your wish to buy a property in Turkey nearly everybody suddenly becomes a real estate agent or has a friend or family member owning a Real Estate Agency. Buying a property is always a big step and ishould involve the use of a professional service. Reliable partners are most important. Trusting a real estate agent is a key factor when buying a property as is ensuring you are aware of exactly what it is you are buying. This is a service TGD-Europe provides to potential buyers by appraising the property. We make sure you are legally allowed to buy the property, it has the specifics you are told and that you pay the price that it is worth. To make it simple, we ensure that you have that good feeling when buying a property